More Cats

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a sleep as peaceful as the one above.

More cat photos to follow, this time at Nada Lama Jamu Spa & Bar . Loving the Portra film.

Nikon FM2n
Nikkor AI 24mm f/2.8
Nikkor AI-S 50mm f/1.4
Kodak Portra 400

70 Responses to “More Cats”

  1. Congratulations on being selected for Freshly Pressed!

  2. Awwww. Cats are great. I could look at pictures of them all day. Great job getting Pressed!

  3. So serene. So stoic. So…judgmental.


    Kidding, of course. Cats are awesome — I just love how obvious they are with their personalities and emotions and condescending glances!

  4. What a cutie! My dog thinks she’s a cat! She acts like one too! So sometimes I think I have a cat! 😉

  5. So, cute!. I love the cats. My first cat was black. Nice post I love it

  6. Thanks for sharing! lovely pics

  7. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. Love your pictures & love cats. I have a few pics of MYcats on my blog

  8. Congrats on making it on the freshly pressed! Cool pictures 😀

  9. Well done on being Freshly Pressed! I could look at cat pics all day long – they’re beautiful photos…

  10. that’s so cute:X

  11. hi, im new, dont come to my website, its not done

  12. Neat pics. Like the view from the stairs. Congrats on freshly pressed!

  13. Congratulations on freshly pressed. As a cat lover/owner, I enjoy these photos.

  14. My sister confessed a couple years ago that she keeps a “happy folder” in her desk at work. It is a file folder filled with pictures of Pandas. She opens it up on a bad day and instantly feels better. I thought she was totally nuts at first, but then decided she might be onto something. My happy folder contains cat pictures . . . Thanks for an impromptu happy moment. The photos are fantastic.

    • That’s a great idea actually! Perhaps I should do something similar with dog pictures… but you know what, pandas are super cute as well. Thanks for viewing! =)

  15. You know how to make me say “Aaaaw!”

  16. gorgeous cat and lovely photos.

  17. I’ve become a total sucker for cats while travelling. I worry one day one might end up in my rucksack.

  18. Although I consider myself to be more of a Dog Person, I must acknowledge the grace and beauty of cats – they are mysterious and independent creatures! Great photos!

  19. Beautiful cats and photos!

  20. Awe. I love the first photo.

  21. One day I was working in my garden,suddenly I heard voices of kittens,I follow the voices I was surprised to find 4 little kittens hidding in water pipe.

    I cried when I saw them. I cried cause these days some mothers do not take care of their kids and see how that little animal was protecting her kittens.

    It is realy wonderful lesson

    • Awww… my brother learned it the hard way when he was a kid. He wanted to play with a couple of newborn kittens, but the mother – naturally being protective – attacked him before he could even touch them.

      Needless to say, he was scarred for a good part of his childhood hahah.

  22. Lov your cat photos.

  23. nice article

  24. Love your cat pictures! I have 4 cats.. I am sure someday I will have no name.. I will just be … “That old lady with the cats”!

    • That reminds me of my late-grandpa, he used to have 10s of stray cats and kittens around his house. He loved them so much that he would keep them despite the family being poor and all. Sadly after his passing, the cats were released.

  25. Congrats on FP! I, too, am a cat person.

  26. Enjoyed! 🙂

  27. Great! Love your cats

  28. aaaah!

  29. Hallo cat lover! Middling Industries is publishing a cat ebook this summer! You can check out the book trailer at middlingindustries/!

  30. LOVE these shots, Beautiful cats! Thank you for sharing!

    ♥ Love and light ♥

    ~ Jennifer

  31. Miaaaaaaaaaaw 🙂


  32. Love your cat pictures but really like some of the shots on other posts. I feel like I “have been” to places that I will never go. Thanks. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  33. Awww they’re so cuteee :D. Lovely photos. Congrats for being on Freshly Pressed!


  35. So cute to see these pictures.thank you for sharing.
    marg swarnabhoomi

  36. So cute!

  37. sure…cats are the most interesting topic 🙂 i like the pictures also.
    btw i have many stories about cat here
    but in indonesia language. hope you understand 🙂

  38. i love cats, beautiful photos

  39. Beautiful pictures!! 🙂 those cats are adorable

  40. “More cats” is never enough! 🙂 How us more and More cats! 😉

  41. What’s better than cats? More cats and photos of cats!

  42. […] la entrada en su blog The Hut of Zen. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestCorreo electrónicoMe gusta:Me gustaSé el primero en decir que […]

  43. Beautiful photos, and beautiful cats! I would love to be able to spend the day as a cat… what a life!

  44. We love cats. Thanks for the pics.

  45. Lovely cat and photos. I do a weekly cat post on my photo blog, “I Shutter At The Thought!”. Today’s is at – I’d love to know what you think of it.

  46. I am a self confessed dog lover, however there is something majestic and quite mesmerizing about cats. Great photos.

  47. Beautiful pictures, especially the shot of the cat on the car.

  48. One rarely goes wrong blogging or photographing cats. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  49. Can never go wrong with cats. Lovely photos.

  50. Unas fotos preciosas…

  51. I loved your cat’s picture! even tho my dog hates cat haha

  52. Don’t u just wish u could live a care free life like a cat some days, I would love to just lounge around and sleep all day….

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