Lil’ Milo

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Megasari recently got herself a poodle as a pet and named him Milo (After the dog in the 90s classic The Mask). Milo is very very sticky and even during his sleep, he would try to get as close as possible to us. And speaking of sleeping, HE LOVES TO SLEEP!

So we decided to film him during his afternoon nap last Sunday and post it onto Youtube. Enjoy!

Olympus PEN E-P2
Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7

8 Responses to “Lil’ Milo”

  1. Milo is ADORABLE!!! I love how you’ve captured his paws! Nice contrast! I think he would really love my dog Z …

  2. Hey Eong Xien!! How are you dude? Cute puppy =) My girlfriend has a Havanese-Poodle, Fluffy, that looks very similar:

    • Hey dude!!! I didn’t know you had a site! Added to my reader. =)
      I can’t access Facebook in the office but I think I’ve seen the photos before, very cute! =D

  3. She is really really adorable!ā™„ Such gentle eyes.

  4. Wow, he is so adorable!!! Lucky owners šŸ™‚

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