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Teddy & Sasa

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Recently, my 2 good friends from Indonesia, Teddy & Sasa were on their holiday break in KL. Seeing that they are tying the knot soon, Sheng Wei and I took the opportunity to organize what we called a “pre-pre-wed” session. Sort of a rehearsal for the actual pre-wedding session (Which by the way, will be done by professionals. Obviously not amateurs like us 😉 ).

It was a spontaneous affair. Only preparation was dusting off the camera that has been sitting for far too long in the cabinet and getting the amost-frozen films from the refridgerator. Location scouting takes place on shooting day, depending on where we felt like going at that particular point of time. Only 2 other equipment needed is a reflector and a bag loads of enthusiatism.

That’s how we roll, baby.

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It was our first photoshoot outing. Sheng Wei, Maggie & I took our cameras to the lovely Taman Tasik Perdana in KL. Maggie shot on digital, Wei on 35mm while I brought my 645 medium format.

The results were lovely. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do. =)

*Special thanks to Wei Ru for being photogenic despite the sun and bugs.

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