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2013 Travels: #23 Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Middle Leaping Gorge

At the Base of the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Southwest China is full of beautiful landscapes and hiking opportunities. Yunnan province (云南), translated as Southern Clouds had its name was derived from its geographical location in the mountainous region. It borders neighbouring countries Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Tibet (Shhh… don’t tell any Chinese official I said that.) It is known for its snow mountains, postcard-eque lakes, deep rivers and gorges, as well as well-preserved ancient cities.

I don’t consider myself as a serious hiker but I planned a few hikes for my trip. Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡), near Lijiang was my first test. Legend has it that it was at this gorge that a tiger, running away from his captors leapt acrossed the river and thus escaping successfully. Beau and Rob, whom I met at Kunming were planning to hike Tiger Leaping Gorge a day before me. However, since they missed the bus to TGL, they invited me to tag along.

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